She was always there, so close.

I never trusted the looks she gave me,

the feelings, thoughts, visions in my mind.


I saw her with others,

making them happy.

I wanted the same,

but I seemed so

different from them.

I couldn’t offer her

what they could.


Come As You Are, her favorite song.

I would pass by her house, that familiar riff,

tears streaming down my face.

She caught me peeking, smiled, waved.

I ran. Why not me, why not me.


I saw her with others,

making them miserable.

I didn’t want that at all.

One even committed

the ultimate sin.

Why would I want that?

Why did I need that?


She saved me from the world, from myself.

I guess that’s the trick to loving a girl like her.

You have to take the good with the bad,

you have to realize that she isn’t perfect,

but that’s what makes her perfect for this world.


I saw her with others,

doing what she did.

No right, no wrong,

just living.

Do you want that?

I made the move.


There was so much to learn at first.

I had become adept at being inept.

False insecurities and false facades

are what she helped me tear down first.

This will not do, she would say, smiling

all the way. I learned to trust in someone

that I never would have trusted before.


So in love, so in love!

The promises, the future,

it’s ours for the taking.

Never look back,

she tells me, so I don’t.

Not even a peek.


She now talks about crazy things that I never

would have thought I would be involved with.

The craziest is bringing another person

into our new coveted circle. I hole up, but she

reminds me of before. Why not? she says.

I’ll think about it, but let’s just keep

the honeymoon going for a bit longer please.


Finally in love!

Finally in love!

Finally in love!

Finally in love!

Finally in love!


Life has purpose, existence. A reason to live.

What else could be more important?

I wake up to see her beautiful face beside mine.

I wake up to a world with her in it, all the better now.

I wake up to her for the first time every time.

I woke up before it was too late.


God, do I love my life?

God do I love my Life!

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