To survive we must think beyond our reality

You mustn’t lose hope. Hope is often the only reason to be. But hope alone only allows for survival and dreams. Thus, I propose a rediscovery of the value of imagination: to think beyond the present, beyond borders, beyond norms, beyond those structures which hold so many hostage as if they were criminals guilty of their birth. Imagination is not a miracle. With imagination comes the possibility of the impossible.

My whole life has been spent (so far) in seeking to place a value upon experience and the objects of experience that would satisfy my sense of inclusiveness without redundancy—completeness, lack of frustration with the liberty of choice; the things which the pursuit of ‘art’ offers—

But though I have felt ‘free’ only in the presence of works of the imagination, knowing the quickening of the sense which came of it, and though this experience has held me firm at such times, yet being of a slow but accurate understanding, I have not always been able to complete the intellectual steps which would make me firm in the position.

So most of my life has been lived in hell—a hell of repression lit by flashes of inspiration, which a poem such as this or that would appear

What would have happened in a world similarly lit by the imagination

—William Carlos Williams, Spring and All

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